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Medisynth - Pilen Forte Pills 25 g

Medisynth - Pilen Forte Pills 25 g

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Medisynth - Pilen Forte Pills 25 g

Medisynth - Pilen Forte Pills 25 g

Treats hemorrhoids of any kind – bleeding or non-bleeding, internal or external effects. Hemorrhoids (piles) and varicose veins are common where the diet has more processed food and is low in fiber. This leads to pressure in the abdomen, causing blood vessels to swell and engorge. These enlarged and engorged blood vessels in and around the rectum (anus) cause intense pain with bleeding and itching.

Pilen reduces the engorgement and turgidity of the veins and venous capillaries by relieving hepatic congestion and portal pressure. It facilitates in treatment of hepatic disorders associated with venous congestion.

Pilen corrects chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoids, thus regulating proper bowel movement.

Pilen is recommended for mild symptoms & acute symptoms.

Natural products treat the symptoms and the body as a whole; absorption and results may take time.

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