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Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals - Talekt 60 Capsules

Himalaya Herbals - Talekt 60 Capsules

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Himalaya Herbals - Talekt 60 Capsules

Himalaya Herbals - Talekt 60 Capsules

A phytopharmaceutical formulation is recommended for various skin disorders, such as disorders of sebaceous glands, bacterial infections of the skin, infective and allergic dermatitis, systemic mycoses, parasitic infections, and psoriasis. Talekt enhances the immune response to prevent repeated relapses. Talekt is safe for short- and long-term treatment.


  • Disorders of sebaceous glands
  • Infective and non-infective acne vulgaris
  • Seborrhea
  • Rosacea


2 Capsules twice daily or as directed by your physician.

Key ingredients:

  • Turmeric (Haridra) has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, which soothe the skin. It significantly inhibits OVA-induced allergies that extend anti-allergic reactions. Turmeric is also a powerful antimicrobial agent that combats common bacteria. The herb also speeds up the wound-healing process.
  • Neem (Nimba) is especially beneficial for bacterial skin disorders. Neem leaves instantly kill acne-causing bacteria. It is a detoxifier that eliminates impurities from the skin’s surface and is an anti-inflammatory, which helps combat various dermatological disorders.

Side effects:

Talekt is not known to have any side effects if taken per the prescribed dosage.

Natural products have a holistic effect on the body, treating not just the symptoms but the body as a whole, and may take time for absorption and results. It would be best if you allowed several weeks to experience their long-lasting benefits. 

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