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Dr. Reckeweg Germany

Dr. Reckeweg R39 - Sinistronex Biotherapeutic in affections of abdomen left Drops 22 ml

Dr. Reckeweg R39 - Sinistronex Biotherapeutic in affections of abdomen left Drops 22 ml

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Dr. Reckeweg R39 - Sinistronex Biotherapeutic in affections of abdomen left Drops 22 ml

DR. RECKEWEG R39 - Sinistronex Biotherapeutic in affections of abdomen left Drops 22 ml

Introducing DR. RECKEWEG R39 - Sinistronex Biotherapeutic in Affections of Abdomen Left Drops. This remedy targets affections of the left-sided ovaries, parametria, and annexes, including cysts, inflammation, and tumors. It offers beneficial action in treating inflammation, annexitis, salpingitis, parametritis, and ovarian cysts.

DR. RECKEWEG R39 is recommended before considering surgical intervention, and it can also be used for cases of poor healing post-operation and ill-defined parametrium issues on the left side. Experience relief with DR. RECKEWEG R39.



  • Lachesis: Convulsive pains in the abdomen (left) with flushing.
  • Lycopodium: Specific action in convulsive pains located around the descending colon sigmoid (S-Romanum), arousing fears of cancer that are often too well-grounded.
  • Palladium: Acts of cysts of the ovaries and inflammation, acute and chronic.
  • Saxifraga: Specific action in renal calculi (left side). The act of the present remedy is directed in the main against affections of the feminine abdomen (left) when the pains radiate in the upper parts and are eventually accompanied by renal calculi or intestinal pains. These general irritation conditions are echoed as vegetative reflexes throughout the several organs and can contaminate the latter.


As a prolonged cure, 3 times daily, 10-15 drops in some water before meals, eventually to be alternated with other complementary remedies listed under "Remarks." In cases of acute inflammation with fever and pains suddenly developing, the same dose is every 1-2 hours (possibly in a little warm water)—simultaneous application of hot poultices, cooked potato poultices, or physio-therapeutic treatments like shortwave rays.

Although the working out of a diagnosis is a very delicate matter for the doctor in attendance with diseases of the feminine abdomen, the present remedy is recommended in case of different abdominal ailments (left side). If no fundamental change appears, even after alternation with several complementary therapies, the way will remain open to more drastic means.

Complementary products recommended:

  • Among the complementary remedies to be listed.
  • R37 in constipation and convulsive pains in the abdomen, possibly due to intestinal spasms.
  • R38 in abdominal ailments (right side).
  • R50 in case of sharp pains in the sacral region.
  • R42 for venous stasis, varicosis, and inflammation of the veins.
  • R1 with inflammation of all kinds, especially when fever is a concomitant.
  • R4 in case of convulsive intestinal spasms and diarrhea.
  • R13 bleeding hemorrhoids and affections of the rectum.
  • R17 for suspected tumors.
  • R20 for disorders in ovarian secretion.

Natural products have a holistic effect on the body, treating not just the symptoms but the body as a whole, and may take time for absorption and results. You should allow several weeks to experience their long-lasting benefits.

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