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Charak - Femiforte 30 Tablets

Charak - Femiforte 30 Tablets

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Charak - Femiforte 30 Tablets

Charak - Femiforte 30 Tablets

Charak's Femiforte Tablets: Experience the power of Ayurveda for female health with Femiforte Tablets. Formulated with potent herbs like Ashoka, Dhataki, and Shatavari, this natural remedy effectively addresses gynecological issues, particularly leucorrhea. Femiforte Tablets help relieve pain, discomfort, and itching, promoting overall well-being. Trust in the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda to support your holistic health. Safe for long-term use, Femiforte Tablets are your natural ally in maintaining female health and comfort.


Two tablets thrice a day for a minimum of three weeks. Treatment may be continued in certain patients.


Each coated tablet contains the following:

  • Ashoka bark 50 mg,
  • Triphala 30 mg
  • Vasaka 30 mg
  • Jeeraka 10 mg
  • Kukkutanda Twak Bhasma 10 mg
  • Phitkari Shuddha 10 mg
  • Shilajit Shuddha 10 mg
  • Chandana 5 mg
  • Chopachini 5 mg
  • Hirabol 5 mg
  • Kababchini 5 mg
  • Lauha Bhasma 5 mg
  • Mandura Bhasma 5 mg
  • Mukta Shukthi Bhasma 5 mg
  • Nagakeshara 5 mg
  • Paravala Pishti 2 mg
  • Trivanga Bhasma 2 mg
  • Mass extracts of Shatavari Moola 100 mg
  • Daruharidra 40 mg
  • Ashwagandha 20 mg
  • Devadaru 20 mg
  • Gokshura 20 mg

Natural products have a holistic effect on the body, treating not just the symptoms but the body as a whole, and may take time for absorption and results. You should allow several weeks to experience their long-lasting benefits.

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